Privacy Policy

To make sure your online visit is fun and safe, we don't "play around" with any of the important steps we take to protect your privacy. Below you will find information about the Merlin Entertainments Short Breaks LLC dba LEGOLAND Vacations (hereafter “LEGOLAND Vacations”) Online Privacy Policy. Our privacy policy will tell you how and when we collect information through our website and how this information will be used. To learn specifically about our online information practices concerning children who are younger than 13 years of age, please scroll down to the section entitled "Children Under the Age of 13".


We take online privacy and security concerns seriously. At the same time, we are continually working to make your personal experience when visiting or using our site as exciting and pleasant as possible. To help us accomplish that goal, we will need to collect and use some information from you when you use our site.


LEGOLAND Vacations may collect information from you - personal as well as non-personal - for internal use within the LEGOLAND business. Any information collected may be shared within relevant LEGOLAND departments.


We may disclose personal information collected from you as required by law, for example in response to a court order or subpoena. We also may disclose such information in response to a specific request from a law enforcement agency.


Except as set out above, we will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose any personal information to any company or person outside the  Merlin Entertainments group of companies, without obtaining appropriate permission prior to such disclosure. We may collect information about you through active as well as passive means.  We may collect personal information directly from you through our sites when: 1) you sign up to receive newsletters and other information; 2) in some instances, when you enter contests and participate in various activities featured on our website; and 3) when you make bookings online. We also use passive means to collect some information, such as tracking what pages you go to on the site. This information is then provided to our consumer data department in order for them to determine how to make your experience at our sites more enjoyable.


We will not use personal information we collect from you for purposes other than those for which the information was collected, without asking for appropriate permission prior to such use.

We may use your name and address information to send you newsletters and other product and service information that we believe you may find of interest, if permitted by law. You may opt out of receiving such information (including, but not limited to, marketing research and/or being contacted by a researcher) at any time by calling our consumer service number (877) 534-6526 or by sending an e-mail to Upon request, you have the right to review any personal information we may have concerning you or your children.


Children Under the Age of 13

When a child under the age of 13 contacts a LEGOLAND affiliated business online, for example to participate in a contest or to ask a question, we will collect that child's email address and the e-mail address of the child's parent or guardian. We will use the child's e-mail address only for the purpose for which it was collected and we will use the e-mail address of the parents or guardians only to provide notification about the child's contact with us and to provide notification of the types and uses of information collected as required under the law. We will also provide information as to how the parent or guardian of the child can review and request deletion of the child's personal information and how to prevent further collection and use of personal information concerning the child.


As a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 from whom we have collected personal information, you have the right to review and have deleted such personal information and to refuse to permit further collection or use of such information. To do so, you should contact us at (877) 534-6526. Parents and guardians who wish to review personal information concerning their children will be required to specify the usernames and passwords of the children concerned and to provide their own e-mail address for verification and contact purposes.


No personal information collected from children under 13 will be sold, rented or otherwise disclosed to any company outside of Merlin Entertainments group of companies, except for disclosure to companies acting as our agents to help us provide services requested by the child, or pursuant to court order, subpoena or a specific request from a law enforcement agency.


We cannot and will not establish conditions that will require or encourage children to disclose personal information over and above what is reasonably necessary to participate in any activity featured on our web sites.


Children under 13 years of age are allowed to participate in contests. However, if such a child wins, notification will be sent to the parent or guardian's e-mail address (provided by the child when he/she enters the contest). Also, we will not ask the child for any personal information beyond e-mail addresses without obtaining prior parental consent. Any personal information obtained from children and parents during contests will be kept until the contest ends and prizes are delivered and then it will be deleted.


If any activity featured on the website of a LEGOLAND affiliated business will allow children under the age of 13 to reveal personal information publicly (for example, via un-moderated chat rooms or bulletin boards), we will obtain parental consent before allowing the child to participate. Currently, all such activities are moderated, monitored and screened.


Purchasing from LEGOLAND

When you make an online booking, we will need to obtain personal information from you. We will need your real name, email address and billing address along with your credit card information or other payment method, in order to complete your transaction and send confirmation documents.


If you feel uncomfortable submitting your credit card information over the Internet, you may make your booking via telephone through our Customer Service Center at (877) 534-6526.


How to Change or Review the Information

At LEGOLAND Vacations, we're committed to providing high quality products and services and we're equally committed to building long-lasting relationships with our consumers. Relationships like this are built on mutual trust, so whenever you question what data has been collected or you want to change personal information or personal options regarding your online information, we encourage you to do so as outlined below.


Personal information collected online from you may be reviewed by accessing your online account. Members and customers who have registered online with us may update their account information and change personal options at any time.


LEGOLAND Vacations may need to change its online privacy policy from time to time to keep up with the ever-changing virtual reality. However, if policy changes are implemented which would materially and adversely affect the online privacy or security of our guests, the new policy will be e-mailed to all registered guests at their e-mail address.


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